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Therapeutic Oils
Of the many things we have uncovered to assist people to move to a higher state of vitality, Essential Oils have proven themselves over and over. Young Living Essential Oils are high quality and can be trusted. That's why we use them at Healing Waves, LLC. Check out, our companion website.


The Original Bio-Mat - Infrared Amethyst Crystal Healing Bio-Mat
The Bio-Mat is a wonderful healing device sending infrared waves and negative ions into the body through amethyst crystals.


Vibra-Pro Slim - Whole Body Vibration
Whole body vibration is way to assist the your family to achieve fitness, health, wellness and vitality. Check out this amazing equipment.


Thorp Institute
The Thorp Institute is a medical management corporation that specializes in chronic pain management using energy medicine. They specialize in training and equipment sales of the Electro-Acuscope/Myopulse systems.

Natural Cleaning Products


Enjoy an Odor-Free Environment with help from All-Natural PureAyre Odor Eliminator

Business Services


MVP Programs - Easy to use Statistical Software that users love
Statistical Software and Website development