Position on the use of the
SCIO (EPFX/QXCI) as a Diagnostic device

The QXCI/EPFX/SCIO equipment is claimed to be a biofeedback device. Though, this classification is somewhat controversial. As such, the sole purpose of this equipment is to reduce stress levels within the client.   In addition, it is hoped that clients will attain a heighten awareness of their individual responsibility for personal health.

This device is not intended to diagnose or treat illness or disease although it may be employed to reduce stress associated with specific health conditions. As such, this device may be used as an adjunct to treatments provided by licensed health care practitioners that may be employed by the client.

The SCIO software tests reactions to the energetic equivalent of various substances. The reactions of a client in this testing shows states of imbalance or energetic need which may be addressed by the software and hardware. This is not intended to provide diagnosis or treatment beyond the needs of the execution of a SCIO session, and is not intended to provide a substitute treatment to existing or potential practices by licensed health practitioners. There are three specific reasons for this.

  • The device has a design target of 85% accuracy. This level of accuracy would be inadequate to provide medical practitioners reliable information to make a diagnosis. This information may be used by a licensed health practitioner to suggest possible areas of investigation through other means.
  • The reaction to the energetic equivalent of a substance or remedy by a client does not imply that the client has any particular condition. There are a number of reasons that a specific reaction may occur and because of this, all that can be inferred is merely that an energetic need has been located, which may be addressed by this equipment.
  • Testing by Healing Waves, LLC has demonstrated that this device does not show repeatability. What this means is that specific conditions or item values appearing in the test results most likely will not repeat or appear in any subsequent testing.

The outcome of a SCIO session does not necessitate follow up recommendations for any particular treatment. Should any specific issues arise, suggested by the equipment or discussion with the client the clients may be advised to seek appropriate licensed health care practitioners.