Acuscope/Myopulse Detoxification Protocols

The Acuscope and Myopulse Detoxification program is a seven-treatment protocol, which includes treatment to acupuncture points, channels and meridians, reflexology points, and myofascial release points. These points include hands, feet, ears, teeth, spine and lymph drainage.

  1. Hands and feet:
    A full-body systemic treatment running current through both hands and feet
  2. Bilateral Spinal:
    A systemic treatment electrically clearing the spine
  3. Governing Vessel:
    A systemic treatment from tip of coccyx to top lip along the Governing Vessel meridian
  4. Odonton:
    A systemic treatment clearing pathways connecting teeth to the nervous system
  5. Auricular:
    A systemic or specific treatment using the acupuncture points on the ears
  6. Lymph Drainage:
    A systemic treatment to assist the drainage of lymphatic fluid
  7. Guided Meditation/Relaxation:
    A systemic treatment using the Earclips or Headband to assist patient/client into a relaxed state