Certified Acuscope and Myopulse Technician helps Brad Schumacher two time Swimming Gold medalist

brad_schumacherBrad Schumacher two times Gold medalist in Swimming from the Atlanta Olympics wasn’t very optimistic after hearing about a treatment that would allow him to follow his dreams to the 2004 Olympics in Athens Greece. He had been suffering with a chronic cervical disc protrusion form his C-6 C-7 Vertibrae. This type of injury caused excruciating pain down Brads right Arm and into his fingers. This also created Extreme muscle tightness in his right trapeizius and In Addition he had pulled his right pectoral muscle. Brad watched his dreams slip away when he tried to compete and due to the excruciating pain he had to leave competition and look for the cure. He spent a year trying various types of physical therapy and even turned to medications due to the extreme amount of pain he was in. The medication and rehab proved unsuccessful and Brad felt his dream slipping away.

His doctor sent him to Bill Batkin, who is a certified Acuscope and Myopulse Technician at Rehab Associates located in Long Beach, California. Batkin Has been treating patients for the past few years and has been gaining quite a reputation for someone that could relive pain when all else had failed. As a result Doctors all over the Long Beach area have been sending Batkin their most difficult cases. His doctor told Brad that he new Batkin had a 4 to 6 week waiting period due to his high success rate. Brad could not wait another four to six weeks as the Olympics rapidly approached. He immediately called Batkin and Batkin agreed to treat him after hours and on his days off. Brad was even more amazed when Batkin indicated that the Acuscope and Myopulse had been around since the early eighties and this therapy had been thrust into the lime light by none other than Terry Bradshaw, Who used this therapy to heal his ailing throwing arm all the way to recovery and a win at the 83 supper bowl. Brads hopes and dreams were alive again. Later Batkin informed him that not only had Terry Bradshaw Gotten incredible results but a host of others including Joe Montana, Jack Nicholas, Hale Erwin, Wayne Gretsky and even the Pope.

Good enough for the Pope good enough for Brad. Batkin started treating Brad Three days in a week and Brad notice immediate relief. To his amazement his strength and speed began improving rapidly. He was amazed with the results but he couldn’t help but wonder why he had not heard about this amazing therapy that had been out for so long. Batkin explained it was all about the training. Batkin had become a certified Acuscope and Myopulse technician and had spent months training at Thorp Institute of integrated Medicine. Thorp Institutes Certification is the only one of its kind in the Country. This certification program trains technicians to use these highly sophisticated Micro current devices that combine Chinese Acupuncture points, Channels and meridians and missile guidance chip technology. These in-put and Out-put devices scan your body in search of any abnormalilty in the electrical cellular conductance whether it be nerve cells or connective tissue cells. The Acuscope and myopulse find theses blocked and resistant areas and restore normal electrical conductance to the damaged low energy cell. In lay terms if you think of every cell in your body as a tiny battery a damaged cell does not have the same electrical potential as a normal healthy cell.

This treatment is capable of sending out a corrective signal to recharge the discharged cell or normalized the cells electrical conductance. Batkin is the only certified user of this type of equipment in the area. With-inn one month Brad had regained his full training ability and his dreams were back on track. Subsequently, Brad has now been qualifying in all his pre-Olympic trial heats and is set to compete in the Olympic trials this July in Long Beach California.